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Panel PC, Multitouch Displays, Touch Screens

Janz Tec Panel PC emVIEW-6T A500
Touch Panel PC from DFI-ITOX
Touch Panel PC
Industrial Touchpad from ICP DAS
Touchpad 3.5 Inch Touch Screen

A subset of industrial PCs is the PANEL PC where a display, such as an LCD, is incorporated into the same enclosure as the motherboard and other electronics. These are typically panel mounted and often incorporate TOUCH SCREENS or MULTITOUCH DISPLAYS for interaction with users. They are offered in low cost versions with no environmental sealing, heavier duty models sealed to IP67 standards to be waterproof at the front panel and models which are explosion proof for installation into hazardous environments. Here you can download product literature of the brand names JANZ TEC, DFI-ITOX and others we have in stock.


Download our JANZ TEC brand compact product brochure


Download our DFI-ITOX brand Panel PC brochure


Download our DFI-ITOX brand Industrial Touch Monitors


Download our ICP DAS brand Industrial Touch Pad brochure



Our JANZ TEC brand scalable product series of emVIEW systems offers a wide spectrum of processor performance and display sizes from 6.5'' up to currently 19''. Custom tailored solutions for optimal adaptation to your task definition can be implemented by us. Some of our popular panel PC products are:


HMI Systems and Fanless Industrial Display Solutions


Multitouch Display


Industrial TFT LCD Displays



AGS Industrial Computers as an established ENGINEERING INTEGRATOR and CUSTOM MANUFACTURER will offer you turn-key solutions in case you need to integrate our panel PCs with your equipment or in case you need our touch screen panels designed differently.



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