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Embedded Systems & Computers

Janz Tec Embedded PC emPC-CX5
Janztec Embedded emPC-A500
Embedded Computers from DFI-ITOX
Embedded System from DFI-ITOX
Embedded Controller from ICP DAS

An EMBEDDED SYSTEM is a computer system designed for specific control functions within a larger system, often with real-time computing constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts. By contrast, a general-purpose computer, such as a personal computer (PC), is designed to be flexible and to meet a wide range of end-user needs. The architecture of the embedded system is oriented on a standard PC, whereby the EMBEDDED PC only consists of the components which it really needs for the relevant application. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today.


Among the EMBEDDED COMPUTERS we offer you are JANZ TEC, KORENIX TECHNOLOGY, DFI-ITOX and other brand products. Our embedded computers are robust and reliable systems for industrial use where downtime can be disastrous. They are energy efficient, very flexible in use, modularly constructed, compact, powerful like a complete computer, fanless and noise-free. Our embedded computers have outstanding temperature, tightness, shock and vibration resistance in harsh environments and are widely used in machine and factory construction, power and energy plants, traffic and transportation industries, medical, biomedical, bioinstrumentation, automotive industry, military, mining, navy, marine, aerospace and more.


Download our ATOP TECHNOLOGIES brand compact product brochure

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Download our JANZ TEC brand compact product brochure



Download our KORENIX brand compact product brochure



Download our DFI-ITOX brand embedded systems brochure



Download our DFI-ITOX brand embedded single board computers brochure



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Download our ICP DAS brand PACs Embedded Controllers & DAQ brochure



Here are a few of the most popular embedded computers we offer:


Embedded PC with Intel ATOM Technology Z510/530


Fanless Embedded PC


Embedded PC System with Freescale i.MX515




Modular Embedded PC Systems


HMI Systems and Fanless Industrial Display Solutions


Please always remember that we are an established ENGINEERING INTEGRATOR and CUSTOM MANUFACTURER. Therefore, in case you need something custom manufactured, please let us know and we will offer you a turn-key solution that takes away the puzzle from your table and makes your job easier.




Let us briefly introduce you our partners building these embedded computers:


JANZ TEC AG: Janz Tec AG, has been a leading manufacturer of electronic assemblies and complete industrial computer systems since 1982. The company develops embedded computing products, industrial computers and industrial communication devices according to customer requirements. All JANZ TEC products are exclusively produced in Germany with the highest quality. With over 30 years of experience in the market, Janz Tec AG is capable of meeting individual customer requirements – this starts from concept phase and continues through the development and production of the components up to delivery. Janz Tec AG is setting the standards in the fields of Embedded Computing, Industrial PC, Industrial communication, Custom Design. Janz Tec AG's employees conceive, develop and produce embedded computer components and systems based on worldwide standards that are individually adapted to the specific customer requirements. Janz Tec embedded computers have the additional benefits of long-term availability and the highest-possible quality along with optimum price to performance ratio. Janz Tec embedded computers are always used when extremely robust and reliable systems are necessary due to the requirements made on them. The modularly-constructed and compact Janz Tec industrial computers are low-maintenance, energy-efficient and extremely flexible. The computer architecture of the Janz Tec embedded systems are oriented on a standard PC, whereby the embedded PC only consists of the components which it really needs for the relevant application. This facilitates completely independent usage in environments in which service would otherwise be extremely cost-intensive. Despite being an embedded computers, many Janz Tec products are so powerful that they can replace a complete computer. Benefits of the Janz Tec brand embedded computers are operation without fan and low maintenance. Janz Tec embedded computers are used in machine and plant construction, power & energy production, transportation & traffic, medical technology, automotive industry, production and manufacturing engineering and many other industrial applications. The processors, which are becoming more and more powerful, enable use of a Janz Tec embedded PC even when particularly complex requirements from these industries are confronted. One advantage of this is the hardware environment familiar to many developers and the availability of appropriate software development environments. Janz Tec AG has been acquiring the necessary experience in the development of its own embedded computer systems, which can be adapted to customer requirements whenever required. The focus of Janz Tec designers in the embedded computing sector is on the optimum solution appropriate to the application and the individual customer requirements. It has always been the goal of Janz Tec AG to provide high quality for the systems, solid design for long-term use, and exceptional price to performance ratios. The modern processors currently used in embedded computer systems are Freescale Intel Core i3/i5/i7, i.MX5x and Intel Atom, Intel Celeron and Core2Duo. In addition, Janz Tec industrial computers are not just fitted with standard interfaces like ethernet, USB and RS 232, but a CANbus interface is also available to the user as a feature. The Janz Tec embedded PC is frequently without a fan, and therefore can be used with CompactFlash media in most cases so that it is maintenance-free.





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